We at CPCR are devoted to protecting the children of Thailand from all forms of abuse, neglect, and...

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 Mission Statement

cpcr thailand logoWe at CPCR are devoted to protecting the children of Thailand from all forms of abuse, neglect, and exploitation so prevalent in the country today. Based in Bangkok, our organization not only helps those who have been sexually, physically, and emotionally abused, we take a needs-based approach in rescuing, rehabilitating, and fostering the growth of every victimized child. CPCR also offers scholarships, vocational training, and prevention programs to at-risk youth. We believe all children have the right to be recognized as individuals and given the opportunity to succeed.



  1. Provide services to victims of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation, offering protection and assistance to children whose rights have been violated, in accordance with the CRC.
  2. Build a coalition of child protection officers on a local community level.
  3. Provide treatment and therapy to victims of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation, building a coalition of professionals to support their rehabilitation and reintegration into society.
  4. Promote child and family development and child abuse prevention programs.
  5. Advocate for the protection of children’s rights to the general public, in agreement with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).
  6. Advocate for participation in child protection from government and business sectors of society in Thailand.


“CPCR rescues children who are victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation.”



Our child protection unit responds to all reports of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation by assembling intervention teams, comprised of social workers, police officers, emergency doctors, and psychologists. Coordinating with CPCR, these teams are tasked with identifying and removing the victims from dangerous situations and bringing them to the CPCR assessment shelter. Moreover, the child protection unit develops community child protection systems and implements action plans to guard victimized children and their families. Each year, CPCR rescues over 300 children from abuse across the country.



The assessment unit evaluates each child’s needs at “Baan Raek Rab,” one of CPCR’s two shelters in Bangkok, and provides immediate medical care, as well as therapeutic healing programs. They address trauma victims’ conditions, establish what the type and length of treatment is required, and then decide if they are ready to be reunited with their families or moved to another institution for further treatment, rehabilitation, and reintegration into society.



CPCR also discovered that child victims of violence experience severe consequences in their lives. Some victims are unable to survive, while others experience side effects such as depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and lack of motivation. Some also show aggressive behavior, poor anger management, and harm other people. These mental disorders can damage brain development, impact stress control, and destroy self-esteem.

Our Child Resilience Unit provides a variety of therapies and activities to aid children in their recovery, suiting each individual’s needs. CPCR also works with family members, relatives, foster families, medical professionals, and governmental officers to provide a suitable assistance program for children.



CPCR’s prevention unit is committed to spreading awareness of child abuse and exploitation through out the country. They coordinate with schools, hospitals,  government and non-governmental organizations, as well as individual teachers, social workers, medical workers, and community officials, to implement children’s rights projects and prevention programs.

The prevention unit hosts sexual abuse workshops, similar to the Good Touch Bad Touch program, for children in schools and community centers. They also hold classes for adults to teach appropriate parenting and communication techniques, so parents can make sure their children are aware of acceptable sexual behavior and protect them from outside abuse and exploitation.

The prevention team also coordinates with hospital and trains doctors and nurses to recognize, treat, and support victims of sexual abuse.